Most Arizonans just smile when they hear national pundits claim that President Trump was the first person to declare we needed to build a wall. We’ve been saying it for years. He’s just the first elected President to say and seem to mean it!

I agree that the wall will help us, but we will still need more Border Patrol agents, more logistical support, more attention paid to those who are overstaying their visas, and we need to oppose amnesty that puts those who cheated the line ahead of the millions of people obeying our laws and doing things right.

I have seen and experienced the challenges law enforcement faces when they are demeaned or insulted by folks who do not understand the work being done or how important it is. I will stay true to our laws and our Constitution, and I will work with our Sheriffs and other law enforcement to ensure they have the tools and support needed to halt the flow of illegal immigrants.

For those who want the State of Arizona to do nothing and use the excuse that “this is a federal issue”, we should not and will not ignore the proper role that states can play in enforcing these laws as well as enforcing state laws that are already in place to help win this battle.