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Throwing money at a problem is not a solution, it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars and serves only as a method of appeasement.

THANK YOU for visiting my website and taking the time to learn more about me. I’m a conservative Republican and proud to be a part of the Leach – Finchem – Roberts team here in LD11. My background isn’t typical because I’ve been in the private sector in the mortgage business and I’ve spent many years in law enforcement as a detention officer and later as an elected Constable. I think this dual background will be helpful as we tackle a host of issues ranging from jobs to education to safe neighborhoods to transportation and more. Please review my ISSUES page to learn more, my BIO page to learn about my background, and join our campaign team on my GET INVOLVED page. And thanks again for stopping by!

Bret Roberts


Most Arizonans just smile when they hear national pundits claim that President Trump was the first person to declare we needed to build a wall. We’ve been saying it for years. He’s just the first elected President to say and seem to mean it!

I agree that the wall will help us, but we will still need more Border Patrol agents, more logistical support, more attention paid to those who are overstaying their visas, and we need to oppose amnesty that puts those who cheated the line ahead of the millions of people obeying our laws and doing things right.

I have seen and experienced the challenges law enforcement faces when they are demeaned or insulted by folks who do not understand the work being done or how important it is. I will stay true to our laws and our Constitution, and I will work with our Sheriffs and other law enforcement to ensure they have the tools and support needed to halt the flow of illegal immigrants.

For those who want the State of Arizona to do nothing and use the excuse that “this is a federal issue”, we should not and will not ignore the proper role that states can play in enforcing these laws as well as enforcing state laws that are already in place to help win this battle.

All life is precious, but especially so the life of an innocent unborn child. As a society, we recognize that we are rightfully judged by how we treat the least among us, yet far too many ignore that the truly least among us are these silent victims who have never done anything to anyone, caused anyone harm, or committed a single sin. Each and every life deserves the opportunity to grow and learn and achieve their true potential.

When folks ask me about how I feel about our Second Amendment I can’t help but simply reply with these words.

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
I take those words to heart and will work to ensure your constitutional freedoms remain in place. Your right to bear arms is a right that should not be infringed upon by anyone, including your elected legislature.
Our forefathers granted us these rights not to only protect us from thieves, or to hunt for food, but to protect us from a potential tyrannical government hell bent on stripping us of our freedoms!
Arizona enjoys the best gun laws in the country, and our Constitutional Carry will remain the law of the land if I have anything to say about it.


Freedom means getting to choose how you want to live your life. It is why “The Pursuit of Happiness” is enshrined in our founding documents. The United States is the best country on earth because of our freedoms, but they are under attack by a government that continues to play a greater role in our daily lives. I will work with Arizona’s conservative majority to repeal needless regulations and to restore as many of our freedoms as possible.

Arizona need more leaders who promote small government, low taxes, a strong economy & job growth. Thanks to the progress we have made over the last few years we are now a national leader in job creation and new business startups. We can keep this going by ensuring that we keep Arizona business friendly and that we spend taxdollars responsibly – treating them like we would our family’s budget.

The national deficit is now over $20 Trillion. We must reign in spending on entitlements and any unnecessary government funded programs. To put it simply, we cannot budget more than the projected revenue coming in. We all have a budget we must manage do we not?
These concepts are currently more relevant on a national perspective. However, they are applicable to us here at the state level as well.


Bret Roberts originally from Ohio loves his new home state of Arizona. Due to employment opportunities his parents moved to various states including Michigan, Minnesota and North Carolina and Bret learned many things during those moves; most of all that he wanted to set down roots and as it does for many Arizona stole his heart.

Welcome, and thank you for your support!


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